Duchess on Duke St

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About the Duchess on Duke St Branding Project

Duchess on Duke Street Branding and Visual Communications

Vision Branding had the exciting opportunity to work with the “Interiors Project” team to reinvent the Duchess nail and beauty salon on Duke Street. Our aim was simple but bold: to create an incredibly unique and ‘Instagramable’ retail experience.

We employed innovative materials, most notably anti-slip glass printed as marble and bonded to a gold aluminium mirror. This element added a modern and elegant touch to the salon’s interior. We added 3D playing cards, neon wings, crown, and phrases, along with golden lettering and a standout pink Vespa, to offer customers a variety of intriguing and conversation-starting details.

Our team at Vision Branding was hands-on throughout the entire process, from planning to production to installation, ensuring that each design aspect aligned with our original vision. 

The result was a transformation of the Duchess salon into what’s likely the pinkest retail interior in Ireland. This project showcases our dedication to creating spaces that are not only beautiful and unique, but also inspire and leave a lasting impression.