ESB, Dublin

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About the ESB, Dublin Branding Project

Transformative Collaboration: Vision Branding and ESB’s Impeccable Office Space

In a transformative partnership, Vision Branding Solutions joined forces with ESB to craft a meticulously designed office space that impeccably reflects the company’s core values. Leveraging Vision’s unparalleled branding expertise and an extensive array of solutions, ESB was empowered to curate the ideal internal branding for their workspace. This collaboration showcases the synergy of Vision Branding’s innovative solutions and ESB’s vision, resulting in an office environment that not only meets but exceeds expectations, becoming a true embodiment of ESB’s values and identity.

Acoustic Solutions: Sonar & Wave

In pursuit of optimal acoustics and a welcoming ambience, Vision Branding Solutions introduced the Wave—Corrugated Acoustic Panels to enhance the acoustic rating and foster a homely environment. Installed with precision, the system, based on a 100 radius and featuring Vescom Wolin, demonstrates Vision’s commitment to both functionality and aesthetics. The meticulous attention to detail includes stitched end cap detailing, ensuring a polished finish. This versatile system seamlessly accommodates monitors and whiteboards, offering a dynamic and adaptable workspace.

Adding another layer of sophistication, Vision implemented laser-etched 60mm and 80mm Sonar—Hanging Acoustic Panels with custom designs for sitting pods and office walls. These panels, with their unique patterns, not only contribute to sound control but also serve as visually appealing elements, transforming the workspace into a harmonious blend of form and function.

As part of the comprehensive acoustic solution, Sonar Hanging Acoustic Panels and Wave Corrugated Acoustic Panels further enrich the environment. These panels, designed to mitigate sound while adding a modern aesthetic, exemplify Vision Branding’s commitment to creating spaces that prioritize both acoustic excellence and design innovation.