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About the LinkedIn London Branding Project

Vision Branding Solutions partnered with Seek Design to deliver an inspiring transformation for LinkedIn’s headquarters. We combined our skills to create a work environment that radiates the spirit of LinkedIn, where every element we developed works to support their company values.

The first task at hand was the creation and installation of innovative signage. Our team understands that signage does more than just indicate directions; it also communicates a company’s identity. So, we designed each sign to subtly but surely echo LinkedIn’s global reach and unique culture. This approach turned each piece of signage into a silent storyteller, narrating the LinkedIn brand story to all who entered.

However, our work didn’t stop there. We moved on to enhance the office walls with vibrant graphics. These weren’t just decorations; they were visual reminders of LinkedIn’s commitment to the professional growth of its community members. The graphics added a lively element to the space, reminding all who saw them of LinkedIn’s innovative spirit.

Along with these, we worked on glass manifestations. More than mere safety features, we employed these elements to tell more of LinkedIn’s story. Each glass panel we crafted became a canvas that mirrored LinkedIn’s journey and its tireless efforts in creating a global network of professionals.

And lastly, to provide a seamless navigation experience, we designed intuitive wayfinding systems. These were thoughtfully integrated into the office layout, allowing for easy movement around the workspace. They not only simplified the path-finding process but also enhanced the cohesive feel of the space.

Together, these elements converged to turn LinkedIn’s London HQ into a workspace that truly reflects its brand values. It’s not just an office; it’s a manifestation of LinkedIn’s inspiring global presence. It’s a space that motivates its team and invites visitors to experience the spirit of LinkedIn.

At Vision Branding Solutions, we strive to transform workspaces into brand statements, embodying your company’s ethos and culture.