MasterCard Lisbon

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About the MasterCard Lisbon Branding Project

Mastercard required a comprehensive renewal of its reception area, along with the creation of a new space to showcase its latest innovations in household items and seamless payment systems.
Vision took on the task of designing and developing a timeline that illustrates the evolution of Mastercard from the 1940s to their current state-of-the-art payment systems. For the reception area, Vision selected glass and LED lighting, complemented by a robust AV package to cohesively present the extensive information without it feeling overwhelming.

The glass panels were strategically mounted away from the walls, allowing the screens to blend seamlessly with the glass. LED lights were installed at the back, casting a clear blue line across the key milestone dates for the company. Touchscreens were also integrated into the reception area to provide further information and video content.

The innovation room was conceptualized to demonstrate five different technological advancements in payment systems applicable to everyday life. The AV screens, along with the floors and walls, were utilized to explain how each technology works. Despite the relatively small space, each technology was comfortably showcased in a minimalist yet effective manner.

The design was crafted by Vision, with Structuretone handling the contracting work.