Fiserv, Dublin

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About the Fiserv, Dublin Branding Project

A Sophisticated Branding Project by Vision Branding Solutions

The Fiserv office branding project by Vision Branding Solutions aimed to create a modern and innovative space that reflects the company’s identity while also providing a highly functional environment for employees and clients. The project involved careful consideration of design elements such as acoustic panels, colour scheme, and overall layout to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Acoustic Solution: Calmtone & Bass

In the pursuit of acoustic perfection, Fiserv engaged Vision Branding for a bespoke solution. The acoustic treatment featured Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels and Calmtone—Modular PET Acoustic Panels finished walls, meticulously designed to elevate both functionality and aesthetics. The walls were not just a means of sound control but a canvas for customization, as laser-etched detailing added a unique and personalized touch. This innovative approach not only optimized the acoustic environment within Fiserv’s space but also showcased a commitment to tailored solutions that seamlessly blend design and functionality. The integration of Bass and Calmtone finished walls with laser-etched customization stands as a testament to Vision Branding’s dedication to transforming acoustic treatments into an art form that resonates with the unique identity of each space.