Genesis, Dublin

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About the Genesis, Dublin Branding Project

Acoustic Solution: Executive & Bass

At Vision, we had the great opportunity to work with Genesis, an innovative company known for pushing boundaries in their respective field. Our collaborative project aimed at significantly enhancing their workspace environment by implementing our Vision Vibe Acoustic Panels into both ceilings and walls.

The Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels solution excels in acoustic regulation, effectively optimizing workspaces for superior auditory comfort and enhanced productivity. In our collaboration with Genesis, we seamlessly embedded Vibe Executive acoustic ceiling tiles into the structure of their ceilings and walls. The tasteful fabric wrapping adorning the system’s edges served a dual purpose, contributing not only to the acoustics but also infusing a subtle aesthetic finesse into the workspace.

A standout feature of our work with Genesis was the integration of a curved wall system. This architectural element, while visually striking, is also acoustically advantageous. The curvature of the walls guides sound waves in a manner that can enhance the overall acoustic ambience of a room, thus coupling form with function.

By incorporating the Vision Vibe system and the innovative curved wall system, we facilitated a transformation of Genesis’ workspace. The outcome was a harmonious blend of superior acoustics and compelling design aesthetics, leading to a workspace environment that inspires creativity, fosters productivity, and resonates with the team at Genesis.

Our work with Genesis served as a reaffirmation of our commitment at Vision towards offering solutions that fulfil our clients’ requirements while inspiring their everyday work experiences. 

Architects: Henry J Lyons.

Contractor: Ardmac.