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About the National Treasury and Management Agency of Ireland · NTMA Branding Project

In Dublin’s heart, the National Treasury Management Agency of Ireland required a sophisticated acoustics and design overhaul. Vision Branding Solutions partnered with Coady Architects and Perkins and Wills to tackle this challenge. Our goal was not just to improve the sound quality across all eight floors, but also to visually align the space with the Agency’s refined aesthetic.

Acoustic Solution: Executive & Bass

We implemented our stretch fabric acoustic system across the building’s ceilings and walls, leveraging Vision Vibe Acoustic solutions. This solution resulted in Class A acoustics, significantly enhancing the audio environment.

Our design approach fused functionality and elegance. Fabric-wrapped wall panels were supplemented with integrated ceramic whiteboard panels, ensuring both a visually appealing and practical workspace. The installation of cohesive signage and glass manifestations further contributed to the overall high-end design narrative.

The collaboration with Mac Construction culminated in a workspace that embodied the quality and professionalism of the National Treasury Management Agency of Ireland.

At Vision Branding Solutions, we transform workspaces to reflect your brand’s values and facilitate productivity. If you want a workspace that is as visually appealing as it is acoustically sound, let’s connect. Together, we can bring your brand to life.