Google EMEA HQ, Dublin

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About the Google EMEA HQ, Dublin Branding Project

In collaboration with Henry J Lyons, Vision designed, developed produced and installed over 1000 m2 of branding. 

Our strategic branding and textured wallpaper, custom signages, and captivating graphics that adorn the walls of Google Dublin offices showcase our commitment to storytelling through design.

The artful integration of interactive glass magnetic whiteboards was used to foster an environment of collaboration and creativity. Bespoke light boxes provided an enchanting interplay of light and shadow, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. This dynamic fusion of art and functionality ensured an immersive experience that lives up to Google’s brand identity. 

Our commitment to storytelling through design can be seen through Google Dublin’s offices.

Architects: Henry J Lyons.

Contractor: Flynn’s Construction.

Google Foundry—Dublin

The Foundry is Google’s largest events space in EMEA, based on Level 1 of Gordon House.

It includes a massive 360-seat auditorium and state-of-the-art interactive A/V displays

Like a steelworks factory, The Foundry is a place where colleagues work in partnership to forge something new. People bring their ideas together to create new ways of thinking, in a melting pot of the cultures represented by 66 nations within Google’s Dublin office.

Vision provided Google with a variety of concepts for this space while still keeping to the Foundry branding which used their yellow as the hero colour. Vision created environmental graphics for this space which included wall graphics, 3D graphics, wayfinding signage and pictograms to complement their existing logo.

Design: Vision.

Contractor: Structuretone.

Google 1GCP

Acoustic Solution: Forest—Unique Felt Acoustic Panels

At Vision, our commitment to innovative acoustic solutions shines in the project undertaken for Google 1GCP. Our focus was on seamlessly integrating nature into the workspace, achieved through the production and installation of a unique Forest—Unique Felt Acoustic Panels system on the walls. Harnessing the versatility of Filz wool felt in an array of colours, we transformed the environment, providing not just acoustic enhancements but also a visually captivating experience. This bespoke solution showcases our dedication to merging functionality with aesthetics, creating harmonious spaces that inspire and invigorate.

Acoustic Solution: Sonar—Hanging Acoustic Panels

In the pursuit of an immersive acoustic experience, Vibe implemented the Sonar Cell system on the walls, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Google Team Pod

Office acoustics to the next level with Vision’s custom-designed portable Virtual Free Standing acoustic screens