Branding Exhibition Design

Buddabag is an Irish company that produces high-end memory foam filled bags. Subsequently to a recent re-branding operation, the company decided to attend one of the most important trade shows in Europe for design and furniture: Maison & Object.

The Challenge


We were commissioned to create a stand for the exhibition that had to reflect the new brand concept–to make people feel like being on a cloud when sitting on a Buddabag. At the same time, the stand had to look original, reflecting the uniqueness of the product in being different from a common beanbag and from a couch.

The job assigned would be challenging in itself considering the limited space available, but we were asked to have their custom exhibition stand ready and installed in two weeks' time from the time it was commissioned.



We decided to communicate two main features:

1 - Softness = Comfort

2 - The experience of sitting on a Buddabag involves different senses and makes people who use a Buddabag feel like they’re lifted away from all the stress… like on a cloud.

We communicated the softness by playing with contrasting materials. We used textured wall paper to create a concrete effect on the walls and floor. In this environment, the shape and the softness of the Buddabag were highlighted. To communicate the feeling of being on a different level we decided to install balloons on the ceiling so that anybody sitting on the Buddabag would look at the ceiling and feel the comfort also through different senses.

The visual result of the stand was well-received by visitors, the client–positively impressed. Everything was installed in time and the stand received compliments from other exhibitors, brand managers and others. Most importantly though, Buddabag achieved the target of sales and leads that was presented to Vision Branding.


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