Like eating in Italy: an Innovative Branded Environment

Pandini's, a fine Italian restaurant based in Dublin, asked Vision to bring a piece of Italy to their environment and create an experience for their customers that goes beyond the good food and service they already provided. They also asked us to design a space solution that would change the setting of restaurant from self-service during lunch time to a la carte for dinner.

A Branding Solution to create an Italian corner


Our design team found a solution that allows to completely change the layout of the restaurant within a few minutes. Vision designed, produced and installed removable panels to cover the self-service area during the evening’s a la carte service. In order to brand the place and make it feel more authentic, we also covered the panels with a life-size image of an Italian panoramic view in order to create the effect of being on a real Italian terrace while sitting at a dinner table.

A Coherent Brand Experience

Vision designed, produced and installed every wall graphic and signage for Pandini's, including the external raised sign on the main door. When designing branded environments for restaurants and other hospitality places like hotels, we take into account many factors that contribute to a positive customer experience. A coherent branding approach in every aspect of the environment contributes to increasing the brand recognition and creating a meaningful connection between the brand and the customer.

The project resulted in a really positive feedback from customers and management. The number of new and returning customers has increased constantly since the end of the project.

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